How Identifying Your Company Values Helps Your Business Stand Out

One of the most important ways that your business can do that is by your company values. There are so many similar businesses out there and you need to find every competitive advantage that you can to attract new customers. You can do this by clearly communicating your values in multiple modes of communication with customers. By having your values present in your return policy, customer service guidebook, your SEO strategy through a Tacoma SEO firm like McG Marketing and even your marketing materials you can attract customers that will remain loyal to your business for years to come.


It is important to make sure your values are established at the start of your company. While your values may change and be adjusted over time, it is critical that your business means Tacoma SEO Valuesmore to you then just a means to make money. With your values at the foundation of your business, what you do becomes something bigger than just a paycheck. It becomes a way to impact the world and to help your customers improve their quality of life. You should take care to integrate what is important to you at the onset of your business. By doing this, you are able to guide the early years of your business towards the projects, customers and work that you cherish.


You can create your values by thinking about what is most to you. Perhaps you need to take a few days to consider what you truly value and what you hope your business can accomplish if you want it to make a difference in the lives of your customers. Once you have established a list of a few values you need to put them into practice in your business. This could mean adjusting how you are doing marketing, or collecting payable receipts. This could also mean shifting your business dramatically depending on what you value. It is also important to write these values down and post them in multiple locations so you are often reminded how you want your business to operate.


It is easy to survey the marketplace and see numerous companies that have done a good job of communicating their values to their customer base. One example is Trader Joe’s. They are a natural and healthy grocery store chain that focuses their product line on being free from preservatives and artificial ingredients. This is how they have established a marketplace difference which has helped them stand out and endeared their brand to many loyal customers that value eating healthy. Another example is that of all REI. They are an outdoor equipment company that produces their own line of outdoor products and sells other top brands of outdoor equipment. They treat their company as a cooperative which means that if you become a member of REI you get a dividend at the end of the year based on how many dollars you spent at the store. They value putting the customer first and they do this by a great return policy and the annual dividend.


As you can see having values established at the onset of your business can help you stand out. The businesses in the marketplace today that have promoted their values as a part of their brand have built up a loyal tribe of customers and fans. If you are a start-up or a long time business, consider how you can make your values clear in your business and how you can incorporate them into many aspects of your business and brand. If you need to expand your online presence as a way to improve your brand and wish to include your values as a part of this message consider working with McG Marketing. We are a Tacoma SEO firm that values integrity, being organized, working smarter and fun as a part of our values. We would love to learn more about your company and story to see how we can improve your online presence.


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