What are the best Marketing Methods for Business Today?

A key aspect of recruiting new customers is having a solid marketing plan. There are so many options in today’s market place to choose from that it can be overwhelming for Seattle SEO Servicesbusinesses of all sizes to know where to start. Whether you are looking for a Seattle SEO services firm to handle you web optimization or thinking of ramping up your social media efforts to generate buzz about your brand, knowing where your business should focus is key. Let’s look a few examples of types of marketing that are available today and see what might be best for your business.


Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned previously, you may be considering a Seattle SEO services firm to help you in your efforts to reach internet traffic organically. At McG Marketing, we specialize in this approach and feel that this is an excellent option to make an investment into your company for a time and watch as it improves your organic traffic each month. By conducting SEO to your website you can expand your reach to customers who are already actively seeking services that you offer. That is considered a warm lead and can be incredible valuable for businesses seeking new customers.


Social Media Campaigns

Another tactic that can work for businesses is to launch a comprehensive social media campaign. You can create targeted ads on Facebook to increase exposure to customers who may be interested in your company. You can also take the efforts further by creating a number of YouTube videos, Periscope content or setting up a plan for posting to your Twitter and Instagram feeds. These efforts can feel challenging because there is a lot of planning and details to consider. However, these efforts allow you to reach potential customers in a unique platform like smart phones and tablets where you might not normally attract customers.


Web Ads

An additional method that businesses choose is paying for web ads like Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Companies like Google allow you to bid for ad space on their search results pages by the term and industry that you are in. This is a guaranteed method to increase your exposure and reach to new customers. However, depending on the industry you are in, you may have to spend a considerable amount to make sure your ad is seen at the top of the page. This can be costly to businesses in competitive fields and is not always sustainable for your marketing outreach.


There are many marketing approaches for businesses to select from but you need to decide what method is best for your brand and company. You also need to be clear what your budget is for your marketing outreach. You should also consider how sustainable your plan will be if you budget is limited. Will you be able to commit to a large amount each month for the foreseeable future or do you need to do some short term outreach so that your brand gains some traction and allow you to focus on your core business? These are important questions to be thinking about as a business owner. While your product or service takes up the majority of your work day, thinking about your marketing plan will help be sure that your brand will be noticed for years to come.


Photo Credit – www.reelmarketer.com